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Become an Escort! 


This year we are hosting an Escort competition to add a fun element to the Rose Program. The Escorts will be judged in a talent competiton by former San Francisco Roses and will be scored based on their talent and personality- it helps to have a sense of humor! There will be one escort selected for each Rose applicant. This is purely for a bit of fun and participation is heavily encouraged!  



  • Be 21 years of age by 1st January 2015 and will have not reached your 30th birthday on or prior to 1st January 2015.

  • Be from Ireland or of Irish origin by virtue of one of your ancestors having been born in Ireland.

  • Be available for the Escort Selection night and the Rose selection night. 

  • Be an ambassador for yourself, the San Francisco Irish community, your sponsor, and your Rose. 

  • Supporting and assisting your Rose on the selection night and in her duties.


If you are interested in applying to be an Escort for the International Rose of Tralee and travel to Ireland to Escort one of the 32 International Roses, please visit to apply. 

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